Warzone Season 4 Update Seems To Have Brought Back Invincibility Bug

Warzone players have started to discover the invincibility bug as it may have made a return to the game with one player laughing off a finishing move.

Throughout most of Warzone’s lifetime, hackers and cheaters have been prevalent and there seems to be no end in sight. Activision did launch their own anti-cheat system which worked for a while but they soon returned.

With hackers and cheaters being so prevalent in the game little bugs like this are just salt in the wound. After watching this clip from TrickyRick it’s easy to see how infuriating it would be to come across.

While he outplays the rest of the lobby there is that one player who just wouldn’t die. Rick not only unloads clip after clip into the player he actually tries to execute the player and they just shrugged it off as nothing happened.

The player then puts Rick out of his misery and wins the match, after posting the clip online it has gained a bunch of comments from outrage to shock and many turning on Raven for letting this game-breaking bug back into the game.

Many tried to debunk what had caused the player to be invincible, some suggest it’s another cheater that had slipped through Ricochet others ay it’s another bug or glitch.

One thing is for certain, it shouldn’t be in the game and this rightly so has seen more and more people looking forward to the launch of MW2 and Warzone 2. But considering how long Warzone has been out and these issues are still rife then I can’t imagine that Warzone 2 will be without its share of hackers, cheaters, bugs, glitches and exploits.

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