First Look At All New Fall Guys Level

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic have released a sneak peek of one of seven new maps coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout season 4.

The map is named Skyline Stumble and can be seen in a 24-second Twitter clip below. The clip not only offers a look at the new map but also new obstacles and a better look at the futuristic 4042 theme.

Skyline Stumble’s new obstacles include Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, Fippity Bippities, Spicy Light Swingers and Chonky Buttons. We like the idea of Low Gravity Zones which will allow players to jump higher and further than normal. 

The Spicy Light Swingers are huge skipping rope type lights that players will have to jump over, Chonky Buttons are chunky buttons players jump on to open doors. Forcefields offer a layer of protection to help players final run to the finish line, while Flippity Bippities are big pinball type flippers that catapult players to the top of platforms.

As of yet no released date for season 4 has been announced. 

Epic Games announced, “gameplay isn’t changing and Epic will continue to invest in making the game a great experience for players across platforms.” and Mediatonic backed up their statement by saying the only difference is now we “have the full power of Epic Games to help us take the game to new (dizzying) heights”. Considering the new level reveal landed less than two weeks after Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games we are excited to see what lies ahead for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! How many wins do you have?

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