Halo Fans Believe Moas Are Returning In Halo Infinite 

In what’s probably one of the most bizarre marketing efforts we’ve seen in a while, you can now buy Halo Moa Burger flavoured Pringles. Fortunately, they’re available exclusively in Walmart so here in the UK we don’t have to endure them. If you’ve tried them though, please let us know what you think! We can’t imagine what they actually taste like. 

If you don’t know what a Moa is, in the Halo world a Moa is an ostrich type creature native to the planet Reach. They were uses as pets and also food sort of like Halo’s version of a Chocobo from Final Fantasy.

Extremely eagle-eyed Halo: Reach players spotted in-game advertisements for Moa Burgers. They can be found in the seventh campaign mission ‘Exodus’ at the World Cuisine kiosk. 

For just a cheap price of 7.77 cR you can grab your self a burger and drink combo as opposed to the more expensive beef burger sitting at 12.99 cR. 

You do encounter Moa’s in two Reach campaign missions Nightfall and Winter Contingency. They’re non-hostile and you can kill them if you really feel the need to. They’re kind of like the cows of the Reach planet. More disturbingly you get an achievement for killing 7 of them. 

We still can’t believe we’re writing a blog about a Pringle flavour which only exists in the Halo world. Halo Infinite was meant to launch with the Xbox Series X/S but, was delayed until 2021 which is one reason we think it kind of makes sense. If it was released last year then it could’ve been a method of announcing the return of Moa’s. 

The question main question we’re asking ourselves is whether or not we’ll get to ride one this time? 

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