Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event Gives Us a Bangalore Heirloom

Launching on the 9th March, the same day Apex Legends launches on Nintendo Switch, the Chaos Theory Collection Event is going to be quite the celebration. Check out the below trailer, and continue reading for more information about this limited-time event. (there’s so much Caustic gas it makes us a little uneasy)

As the name suggests this is a collection event so you’ll have to collect, there’s 24 themed event limited cosmetics total. You’re able to buy them all with Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, or in the special Event Packs which will be only be available during the event from 9th March to 23rd March. If you manage to collect all 24 items then you’ll unlock the very long-awaited Bangalore Heirloom, which looks pretty slick in the trailer above. 

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event introduces two new temporary takeovers: Ring Fury Escalation Takeover and Caustic Town Takeover. Caustic Town Takeover turns King Canyons Water Treatment POI into a gas-filled deathtrap. Mirages Voyage has been removed due to Caustic ‘killing the vibes’ but some believe it could show up in the arena when you least expect it.

Ring Fury Escalation is a Playlist takeover instead of a Town Takeover. This playlist allows you to play a version of the battle royale unseen before; ring flares appear after each round and slowly expand. If you’re caught in the middle, you’ll take the same amount of damage as the current ring deals. If it sounds all a little too much don’t stress, Apex are introducing Heat Shields which is similar to a Gibraltar dome but players inside will have increased healing and reviving times. This shield is said to be sticking around after the even and will fulfil a new inventory slot aptly name the ‘Survival Slot’. 

This event will also be adding a ‘No-Fill’ option, which allows you to play completely solo if you prefer. This will be an awesome way to warm up and complete daily/weekly challenges. The Chaos Theory Event will start on the same day for those who will be playing on the Nintendo Switch. 

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