Warzone Audio Files Leak Suggests Ending War With Zombies & Players 

Rumours suggesting Warzone’s Verdansk will be demolished by a devastating nuclear blast have been circulating for around a year, almost as long as this chart-topping battle royale has been out. Over several months, the map has certainly seen some changes but nothing quite as hectic as a nuke pulverising Verdansk. Could this be the beginning of the end?

It’s known that anniversaries are a time for celebrations and fireworks but maybe Activision will be taking that extra step to quite literally blow you away. An increasing amount of Warzone leak hunters are finding files suggesting Verdansk is on the verge of being overrun by a horde of the undead, it could finally be time to cut their losses and nuke it out of existence. Who doesn’t love a good zombie apocalypse? 

Shout out to @ZestyCODLeaks for this Warzone leak! 


Things are certainly all starting to add up with the new POI “Shipwreck” just off the coast near prison containing a small number of zombies. There’s also a cross straight through the name on the map, could this mean it’s been overrun by zombies? From here we expect to see more zombies starting to spill out over the map taking over different locations along the way.

The leaked audio files above certainly suggest the zombie takeover/nuke theory is true and it sounds like players can expect a new game mode called ‘Plague’ in which you work as a team to take back Verdansk and exfil or get disintegrated by the Nuke. 

Some lines from the announcers:

“Last chance to save Verdansk soldier”

“This is the final hour, avoid the plague”

“Verdansk is lost, end it”

So when can we expect this zombie outbreak to take Verdansk by storm? It’s said that it will come to a close on 10th March, exactly one year from launch and the map-changing Nuke will hit 11th March. We believe this is to make way for a new map that is closer to COD: Cold War.

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