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COD: Cold War Zombies, Free To Play?

Yes, you read that correctly, COD: Cold War Zombies will be free to play on 14th January! Call of Duty fans have been treated to multiple free updates of brand new content for Warzone. Two of the most recent being Rebirth Island a 40-player mini-battle royal and with this, a new Gulag experience which takes place in Alcatraz. 

Among these updates, players have been teased with multiple free access weekends to their online multiplayer. As you may know, to use specific attachments for your weapons you need to rank them up and doing this in Warzone can take time. So players have taken advantage of these weekends to level up their weapons quicker, giving them a better overall experience on Warzone – quite smart when you think about it.

Keeping in line with their generosity, Treyarch is giving you the chance to experience COD Cold War zombies completely FREE! The new Die Maschine (The Machine) map boasts a throwback to the OG Nacht Der Untoten (Night of the Living Dead) with an additional tech test site. 

Download via the official store for your platform to download!

Credit goes to ModernWarzone on Twitter who are known for their leaks coming into fruition. 

Treyarch has hinted towards a zombie-themed surprise on their Twitter…

A reference to Element 115, an integral part of the zombies’ Aether story. The loyal Black Ops fans remain positive that this event won’t just be giving those who haven’t bought the game the chance to play. Developers will surely have something up their sleeve to reward those who have purchased. The question remains as to what that might be… What would you like to see?

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