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PS5 won’t support 1440p on launch because they want to “prioritise support for TVs”

The Playstation 5 doesn’t support 1440p resolution because Sony wants to “prioritise support for TVs”, according to an interview with PlayStation (PS) hardware boss Masayasu Ito and PS platform boss Hideaki Nishino in this Japanese article by AV Watch.

Iso-san said there are no technical issues at all regarding the PS’s capability of supporting this resolution. Honestly, we found this quite surprising, if they already have the capability to pump out 1440p resolution why wouldn’t they? Unless they’re just waiting for the right moment to launch it? But why keep those who’ve spent so much of their hard-earned money on the next-gen console waiting?

The difference between 1080p and 1440p

It’s hard to get a true representation of the difference from a video but, this is the best we can do at this moment. That being said, there are still noticeable differences between to the two formats.

Will the lack of 1440p resolution support sit well with monitor users? Could this be a deciding point between the PS5 and Xbox who do support 1440p? Yes and maybe, limiting your next-gen console in a way that affects the hardcore gamers of your market in our opinion isn’t the smartest move by PS.

According to Digital Foundry’s early tests, using a PS5 with a 1440p monitors tops out at 1080p resolution, so the game renders at 4K and then gets downscaled to 1080p. Then the display upscales that to 1440p. A 1440p monitor with HDMI 2.0 input support may just take the 4K image and downscale to 1440p.

We do hope for the sake of the PS players that Sony decides to introduce 1440p resolution as there are no upsides to not doing so.

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