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Crash Bandicoot Comes To Mobile; Release Date and More

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is expected to hit online app stores on 25th March 2021, according to it’s listing on the App Store.

King, the company we have to thank for possibly the most addictive game ever created… you guessed it, Candy Crush Saga, have teased that we can expect more than 100 hours of gameplay across 12 lands and battles against 50 bosses you’ll no doubt recognise from Crash’s history. We’re hoping to see the return of Fatty Papu Papu once again too! 

Here’s a video of actual gameplay so you can see what to expect. It’s basically a Crash Bandicoot version of Temple Run which in itself sounds like hours of fun! But, as the release date is so far away, we can assume the teaser is not the finished product.

One thing is for certain though, you can expect the typical Crash experience – spinning through obstacles, bouncing around everywhere, sliding things into other things, you know, all stuff we know and love.

Players will also be able to seek out secret paths, special challenges and rewards and alongside gameplay, you’ll be building up Coco’s base as you progress, crafting weapons and special gadgets to help you out in “battles runs”.

Unfortunately, multiplayer won’t be available, but you will be able to run alongside recordings of your friends which is better than nothing, right?

If you’re interested you can pre-register for the game ahead of launch to receive a special Blue Hyena Skin for Crash – a similar skin featured in Crash Team Racing.

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