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Assassin’s Creed Series? Let’s Hope They Do it Justice!

Very few video games have survived like Assassin’s Creed. There have been 12 different versions since the game was first introduced in 2007, each of them different but similar. If you like climbing things, sneaking around, getting in the thick of it, stabbing people in the cranium, and history. Then Assassin’s Creed if perfect for you.

Recently we were thrilled to hear that Netflix has signed off an Assassin’s Creed series! I mean come on! Have you seen the trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? If that’s anything to go by watch out Game of Thrones! We absolutely believe it will gather a whole new type of fan base; it’s everything you’d want in a series, action, murder, historic setting and well-written story if the games are anything to go by. After the success of The Witcher which was also a very successful video game and scored, 8.2/10 on IMDb Netflix must have high hopes for their Assassin’s Creed series as well. 

With all the hype aside, there is only one thing that will stop this series being jaw-dropping and that’s AC. Did you know someone has already tried to make an AC film? No? If you did we’re guessing you completely forgot about it until just now and that just goes to show how poor it really was. It only achieved an appalling 18% on Rotten Tomatoes… 

It was a mess from the start and one reporter estimated it lost its studio $100m! They expected it to be a massive hit as two sequels were planned but as you’d imagine after the gargantuan flop of the first they were soon scrapped, burned and never spoke of again. Surprisingly, Michael Fassbender, star and producer has been quite open about why he thinks it flopped

But, the AC title has SO much potential we really do have high hopes for this upcoming series. If they learn from the mistakes made in the movie they shouldn’t be able to mess it up. I say ‘shouldn’t’ because there’s always a chance… 

What would we like to see?

Simply put, a series which is focused on why people play the game, running around climbing buildings, sneakily stabbing people, swan diving off buildings (maybe into some water to make it a little more realistic), intense chases hiding in nigh impossible places to evade capture and running around in stunning reconstructions of ancient Rome or Victorian London or civil war-era America. Instead of time-hopping back and forth to modern-day explorer getting in and out of a CT scanner on crack. If it’s set in any kind of modern era we know it will flop, it needs to be a solid period drama with a story full of surprises and unexpected betrayals. 

If the main character is based off Ezio in the second instalment of AC then they’re off to an amazing start in saving itself from the shockingly poor movie. 

Which Assassin’s Creed would you like it to be based off?

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