girl gamer looking at a screen struggling

Girl gamer struggles – that’s so 1998!

Let’s start with the title – ‘girl gamer’! BLEURGH that’s so 1998! Let’s be clear people, neither my hobby nor my gender defines me – I’m a gamer full stop. But as a woman who games, the struggles are real and I’d like to share a few of them with you. Why?! Because I, along with millions of others are fed up of being treated differently because of our gender. So listen up…

People assume that because I’m female, I’m a ‘casual’ gamer and I enjoy playing Cooking Mama. Erm, nope! Come play Valorant with me and we’ll see who’s ‘casual’, yeah?!

girl gamer struggles

They think that because I’m female, that makes it ok to oversexualise me, to send me messages like ‘send nudes’, or ‘you belong in the kitchen, not on Twitch’.

To be clear:

I play games and I am a female, that doesn’t mean anyone has free reign to oversexualise me, degrade me, bully me, humiliate me or treat me differently.

Treat me like your other team mates, that’s all I’m asking – much appreciated!

In short, the point I am trying to make is, any female who’s played video games has probably had to come face to face with these outdated and frankly stupid attitudes.

And do you know what? It’s absolutely NOT okay.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far and you’ve thought to yourself, “this is relatable,” or “I didn’t realise this was even a thing” – stand with me, because it happens to females. Every.Single Day. online. Don’t be a bystander if you see it, call it out.

struggles of a girl gamer

It’s simple enough – a gamer’s a gamer. Let’s just do what we love to do respectfully.

Now I think I’ve made my point and hopefully soon my quest to destroy the enemy team and misogyny will be complete.

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